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Changing or adding an Oriental or area rug is a fast, easy way to transform any room.  Oriental rugs are available in almost any design imaginable; from traditional patterns to more contemporary designs, even portraits.  With millions of possibilities of color and design it is possible to find the perfect rug to fit your home and personality.  With all those options, the shopping process can seem intimidating.
So where to start?



Start by deciding what size rug you need for your space. Standard rug sizes (in feet):
  • 2x3
  • 3x5
  • 4x6
  • 5x7
  • 8x10
  • 9x12
The most common rug shape is the rectangle, but it can vary widely from there, from circles, to ovals, to octagons.

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Large rugs are impressive and can define a room.  An easy way to determine a room size rug is to figure out the area of the room and divide by 2. For example, room 12x15 feet = 180 sq ft, Half of it is about 90 sq.ft= approx 8x11 rug. Smaller rugs are more versatile and can help define a smaller space within a large room.  If you have an open floor plan, it would better serve the space to use a grouping of smaller rugs along with your furniture arrangement, to define different areas, like a conversation area.

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When using groupings of furniture and rugs to define an area, designers differ in opinion as to whether all of the furniture or none of it should sit atop the rug (with exception to a coffee table).  Some designers say that none of the furniture should sit on the rug, effectively showing off as much of the rug as possible.  Others think that 100% of the furniture should sit on the rug, creating a cozier space.  The obvious answer to this argument is that it's your house, do whatever you want. As a general rule when using more than one rug in the same room, they should compliment each other, not match exactly, be similar in either color or design, and one should be larger in size than the other.

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In the dining room, you'll want a rug big enough that the chairs around the table sit atop it when people are seated at the table.  Figure this  by measuring the size of your table and adding 54 inches to the length and width, giving you an extra 27 inches all around.

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For your bedroom, measure your bed and add 24 inches to each side that doesn't sit against a wall. For the hall and stairs, it is normal to show 6 inches of floor under the rug.  Standard runners come 2'6" and 3' wide at various pre-made lengths and also on a roll, so custom lengths are possible.


Cost should be your next consideration when it comes to buying a new rug.  The folks over at recommend that you use the cost of the other furniture in the room as a guideline to what you should spend.  For example, in the living room, you should spend as much, if not more, on the new rug as your did on your couch, or what you would expect to pay when you replace your current one.  Even if it means saving for a few months. Of course you should consider why you're buying the rug in the first place, are you looking for a classic, timeless look that should last you for years and years, or are you looking for something fashion forward and trendy that you might be replacing in a few years?  You obviously wouldn't want to spend as much on the second option. Be sure to factor the cost of padding into your budget.  Buying a high-quality oriental rug is often considered an investment, and the easiest way to protect that investment is to use padding under the rug.


Color & Design

The great thing about oriental and area rugs is the infinite number of options you have when choosing a design, which is either intimidating or liberating.

Karastan Euphoria Aberdeen Granite 90267-80100 Area Rug has a few good tips about color and design:
  • Light colored rugs tend to make a room look more spacious and deeper colors lend a look of coziness.
  • A rug with a bold overall pattern can be the focal point of a room, with a sofa and chair in solid or subdued patterns. Consider using round, oval, octagonal or other “shapes” for a lively look.
  • Choose a rug that will look and perform well, with the right combination of fiber and density. Wool and the synthetic yarns (nylon, polyolefin, acrylic, etc.) are durable, soft and easy to clean. The denser the pile, with closer tufts, knots or stitches, the better your rug will wear.
If you can't find what you're looking for in a pre-manufactured rug, there are custom options available.  If you're unsure about what kind of design you're looking for, I recommend flipping through high-end home fashion magazines.  These publications typically feature high-end rugs, but similar options are typically available at a lower cost.  You could also start your search online; our digital catalog can be found here.  We break our rug designs into seven different categories:
  • Traditional - Traditional rugs are what you think of as an Oriental rug. Traditional collections typically consist of styles representing Oriental, Persian, Chinese and Turkish designs; with small patterns, borders and medallions.
  • Casual - Casual rugs include motifs with muted colors, soft textures and braids; designed to fit in virtually any style room.
  • Modern - Modern rugs are works of art for your floor; normally with bright, bold, contrasting colors that can either contrast or compliment your room.
  • Transitional - Transitional rugs typically fall in the middle, between Traditional and Modern rugs. They borrow styles and patterns from the Traditional family but add a modern, updated twist to fit in any style of room.
  • Braided - Classic oval braided rugs have been around for a long time. Extremely durable, reversible, and available in almost any size imaginable with a huge variety of colors and textures, braided rugs are a perfect fit for country and traditional setting. Great choice for any active family!
  • Theme/Kids - Theme rugs cover any and all special designs, from Nautical to Sports. Our Kids rugs are filled with bright colors and relevant, fun patterns.
  • Shag - These super-soft rugs are a great way to add color and style to any room with a soft warmth that only a shag can provide.
  • Indoor-Outdoor - Weatherproof and extremely durable, indoor outdoor rugs are perfect for your patios or in-between spaces.  Available in an endless variety of designs.
  • Sports and Team rugs - Is baseball your sport?  Maybe football or basketball instead?  Our collection of professional and college level sports team rugs includes all the teams from the MLB, NFL, MBA, NHL, and NCAA.
  • Stair and Hall Runners - Available in all of your favorite rug designs, runners are can be made at any length, custom cut and finished to match your needs.

Construction & Fiber

These two topics really deserve their own blog post, but to maximize the longevity of your rug, buy the best rug you can afford.  A hand-knotted wool rug should last 20+ years in a high traffic area, whereas flat-woven rugs should only be used in low-traffic areas. With technology advancing at rapid pace, inexpensive synthetic rugs also give you a great value. For example, Polypropylene rugs would not shed at all, which is important for people with allergies, Polyester rugs can use much brighter vivid colors, not achievable in wool, which tends to dull the finish. It bears repeating that the proper padding under your new rug will extend its life exponentially, so don't forget it!
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