Kid & Pet Friendly Area Rugs

Decorating a home around children and pets can be a challenge at times, but you shouldn't have to sacrifice quality and design at the sake of your favorite two-(or four)-legged monsters. It is possible to own an easily cleanable rug and look like you live with adults at the same time.
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Binding and Finishing

A quick look around the web showed that there really isn't a whole lot of information out there about carpet binding. Here is your guide.
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Buying a New Area Rug

Changing or adding an Oriental or area rug is a fast, easy way to transform any room.  Oriental rugs are available in almost any design imaginable; from traditional patterns to more contemporary designs, even portraits.  With millions of possibilities of color and design it is possible to find the perfect rug to fit your home and personality.  With all those options, the shopping process can seem intimidating. So where to start?
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Health & Safety Standards - Laminate Flooring

In light of recent news stories about laminate flooring, we felt it necessary to assure our customers of our care and commitment to your family's safety.
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Rug and Carpet Fibers 101

Whether you’re dealing with natural fiber rugs or synthetic fiber rugs, fiber content is the most important deciding factor when it comes to rug performance, aside from the rug’s weave density. But if you’ve ever tried to shop for a new area rug, you may realize it’s easy to become confused and discouraged trying to decipher all the different types of rug fibers. The purpose of this article is to briefly review the most common rug fibers and their particular applications, so the next time you are rug shopping you don’t have to flip a coin to decide between wool and polypropylene.
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