Kid & Pet Friendly Area Rugs

So you've decided to buy a new area rug for your home, maybe it’s for your living room, or maybe your dining room, or an entry way; but you're hesitant on dropping the cash on something that is sure to get ruined by your favorite people, right?

Decorating a home around children and pets can be a challenge at times, but you shouldn't have to sacrifice quality and design for the sake of your favorite two-(or four)-legged monsters. It is possible to own an easily cleanable rug and look like you live with adults at the same time; your family room doesn’t have to look like a daycare center or dorm room anymore.

There are some really great rugs on the market today that are both grown-up in their designs, as well as extremely durable and easy to clean and care for. When it comes to care and cleanabilty, it all comes down to the materials the rugs are made from. We’re going to look at some collections of rugs made with two of the most durable and softest fibers on the market today.

SmartStrand Silk Logo

The first collection we would like to share with you is Euphoria by Karastan. This line features traditional, transitional, and modern designs in the neutral grays, blues, and browns that are so popular right now. But what makes these rugs so special is the fiber that they're woven from. Karastan Euphoria rugs are made with SmartStrand Silk, Karastan's premier fiber made with DuPont Sorona, a renewably sourced fiber made from corn. From start to finish, each rug is made 100% in the USA. These rugs with the SmartStrand Silk fiber are oh-so-soft to the touch and come in designs ranging between traditional and transitonal.

Newbridge Sandstone

Cashel Abyss Blue

Wexford Sandstone

In the past, you wouldn't associate softness with durability, but you should in this case. The SmartStrand Silk fiber has been one of the best selling in wall-to-wall carpeting since its launch in 2011. We love SmartStrand Silk here at Carpet & Tile Mart, our employees inside have it in their homes, and we're currently the number one SmartStrand retailer in the United States. We've drunk the Kool-Aid, spilled it and then cleaned it up super easily.

Ayr Natural

Aberdeen Natural

Kirkwall Brown

I am an avid brand advocate for SmartStrand Silk and subsequently these Euphoria rugs. I've had it in my home before and currently have a few of these rugs on my wish list. To help explain how easily cleanable the SmartStrand Silk fiber is, let me introduce you to Nola, my English-Bulldog-slash-drool-bucket.

Nola the Bulldog

Nola is very special (aren't they all), has pretty bad allergies, and is on a raw diet. So twice a day Nola gets to eat a yummy chicken back; complete with bones, skin, and organ meat. I'm not sure how many of you have ever seen a dog eat one of these before, but there is a lot of stepping and grinding, tearing, and regurgitating going on. It's not pretty process. Adding to that little bit of magic, Nola is a bit of a diva and will not eat unless she can drag her meal across a piece of carpet. My husband and I learned very quickly how easy it is to clean chicken ephemera out of the SmartStrand Silk; a little warm water and a good vacuum once its dry is pretty much all it takes. I tell you all this so you know that when it comes to the everyday things that comes along with kids and pets; food & drinks, spit, snot, drool and other bodily fluids, these rugs can stand up to all of it and come out looking like new on the other side. Oh and let's not forget that these rugs are super soft too, perfect for crawling kids and lazy bulldogs alike.

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EverStrand Logo

The second area rug fiber that we wanted to share with you here is EverStrand. Where SmartStrand Silk is made from renewably sourced materials like corn, EverStrand is made from up to 100% post-consumer recycled materials; mainly water bottles. The area rugs made with EverStrand have proven to be just as soft, luxurious, and durable as the SmartStrand Silk rugs, and are guaranteed to last for years and years.

Earlier this year, Karastan launched a new rug collection called Pacifica. These designs are definitely more on the transitional and modern end of the spectrum and feature colors like deep indigo, gray, aquamarine, beige, and lime. The Pacifica line from Karastan is made in the USA.

Seabridge Tan

Briarcliff Indigo

Bonita Beige

Voltaire Indigo

Voltaire Gray

Richland Beige

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Karastan Logo

This next collection, Spice Market by Karastan, is the newest line of EverStrand rugs made by the premier rug manufacturer. Spice Market rugs feature Mediterranean inspired designs that are as durable as they are soft to the touch. Here we see traditional and transitional designs in rich jewel tones accented with bright, updated colors like silver, gold, aquamarine, and citron.

Levant Multi

Myanmar Aquamarine

Charax Gold

Dura Charcoal

Gaza Spice

Petra Multi

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American Rug Craftsmen Logo

The last collection of easily cleanable and super-soft area rugs I would like to share with you is Davenport by American Rug Craftsmen. American Rug Craftsmen is a smaller company in the Karastan family along with other brands such as Mohawk and Quickstep. This is one of their newest lines, made with the EverStrand fiber right here in the US. These traditional designs in beautiful earth tones and neutrals bring a sense of old-world class to the emerging market of life-proof rugs.

Newport Tan

Barnard Black

Shelburn Aqua

Colchester Navy

Waitsfield Zebra

Barre Spice

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This handful of collections is just the tip of the iceberg. Super-soft and easily cleanable wall-to-wall carpeting has been on the market for close to ten years now and rug manufacturers are slowly starting to apply this technology to area rugs, so keep an eye out for new ones in the future.

Do you have any experience with any of these rugs, or are you a fan of other rugs that are suitable for life with kids and pets? Let us know in the comments below.

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