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Room Choices for Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the perfect choice for virtually any room in your home. Not only does it resist everyday wear and tear, but it works extremely well in areas of your home with low moisture levels. If you were considering tiles or hardwood floor, laminate flooring offers the same stunning beauty with considerable cost savings and less maintenance. Let's take a look at some of the rooms where people opt for laminate flooring. 

Laminate flooring for living rooms 

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When you think of your living room, you often think of using hardwood or carpet. Laminate does a pretty good job of imitating the look of hardwood flooring. Suitable for living rooms, it is durable, will withstand furniture (with proper felt or nylon padding added), and is mostly resistant to scratches and fading. In some ways, it is a better choice than carpet, since it won't need to be stretched over the years and can tolerate a little bit more exposure to natural light. 

Even though laminate flooring can be a little bit hard underfoot, people often get around this by adding area rugs that are highly trafficked. Area rugs are also a solution for the lack of sound insulation provided by laminate. There are many different furniture themes that can work with laminate flooring in the living room:

  • Leather couches, softas, and chairs.
  • Light colored furniture with darker themes of hardwood effect laminate.
  • Soft color themes to go with lighter colors of hardwood effect laminate. 
  • A type of wood coffee table or stand that matches the color of your hardwood effect laminate. 
  • A wood-theme with your furniture that contrasts with the laminate flooring you have installed in your living room. 

Dining rooms and laminate floors

In the dining room, laminate flooring brings a great wood effect into the space at a fraction of the cost. It will look sensational against most of your wooden furniture, such as a heavy oak dining set, buffet, or bar set up. Not only is it stain resistant, but it's also very easy to clean. Since laminate is low maintenance, it's great for large families or if you host parties. Here are some wood choices for dining room sets if you are going to go with wood-effect laminate in your dining room:

  • Cherry: This type of wood has a smooth texture and a warm shade of brown that adds to the color of your dining room. 
  • Maple: Maple is a little bit more affordable, handles stains quite well, and can be easily stained different colors to match the laminate that you install in your dining room. 
  • Walnut: Walnut will look great with your laminate if you are looking for a more contemporary look in your dining room. 
  • Oak: Oak will look great in a more formal setting, matching your choice of laminate flooring. 
  • Hickory: This wood's reddish brown color and creamy shade also works well for a formal setting. 
  • Pine: Pine for your dining room set will go nicely with a more rustic feel. 
  • When you install your laminate flooring, you will need to make sure that you have felt and nylon padding on the feet of the table, chairs, and other furniture. This will protect your laminate flooring from scuff and scratch marks. Additionally, many people consider an area rug under their table if they install laminate flooring.

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    Laminate in the kitchen

    Many people are hesitant to use laminate flooring in their kitchen due to moisture concerns. Moisture can seep into the core of the laminate, causing buckling. Care in the kitchen will help deal with most moisture issues. Attending spills in the kitchen immediately will keep the floor looking beautiful and fresh. Some tips to protect your laminate flooring in the kitchen include:

    • Adding felt pads under any furniture.
    • Adding rugs or a rubber mat in front of areas, like the kitchen sink or dishwater, where moisture could accumulate. 
    • Take care when moving large appliances.

    If your laminate flooring is part of a larger kitchen restoration project, you will want to choose a couple of shades and textures. You could choose an ivory theme cabinet and drawer setup, opt for light oak colored laminate for the floor, and then go with quartz countertops. 

    Should you use laminate in your bathroom? 

    Most of the laminate flooring sold by Carpet Mart has a wood-effect look. Wood-effect laminate will likely not look good in larger bathrooms with a large bathtub or shower. Additionally, there are moisture concerns with a tub and shower. Laminate flooring is extremely well suited for half bathrooms that you might have throughout your home. If your master bathroom has a self-contained sink and toilet, laminate flooring can work well here, too. 

    Are there other rooms where you can use laminate?

    Laminate flooring is well-suited for other areas of your home, also. If you have a hallway or passage from your porch to the rest of your house, laminate flooring will work well here. Laminate can work well on indoor porches if you have mats in place for people to wipe their feet. 

    Some people choose to use laminate in children's playrooms. The laminate is very easy to clean if there are spills and it can be easily sweeped when cleaning is needed. 

    What are some of the benefits of using laminate flooring in your home? 

    Laminate flooring is extremely affordable. Most people learn about it because they are looking for something that is cost-effective. Additionally, laminate flooring is very easy to clean. You can handle cleaning with a soft-bristled broom, vacuum with brush head, and a microfiber mop. 

    If you purchase one of the brands of laminate flooring from Carpet Mart, you will likely enjoy your laminate for as long as twenty to thirty years. The brands that we carry, such as Mohawk, also have very generous warranties to protect your investment. 

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