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Your Ultimate Guide to Mosaic Tile

When you want to add elegance and style to a wall, floor, or backsplash, mosaic tile is just what the doctor ordered. Whether you want to add a statement piece to your kitchen or beautiful functionality to your bathroom, you can't go wrong with mosaic tiles. In this post, we'll answer the following questions:

  • What are mosaic tiles?
  • How do I choose the right size and shape?
  • What is the best type of tile for my space?
  • What are the benefits of using mosaic tiles?
  • How to DIY mosaic tile

We've gathered information from the top manufacturers to bring you our ultimate guide to mosaic tiles, especially our free ship tiles, which can help you renovate walls and backsplashes in your home, even if you are on a budget. 

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What are Mosaic Tiles?

Mosaic tiles are usually smaller in size and, when assembled, create a larger design. These smaller tiles are placed on a mesh and make shipping and installation easy. Ranging from basic to intricate, mosaic tiles can transform any space into a beautiful showpiece. Originally appearing in Egypt 3,500 years ago, mosaic tiles eventually made their way across India and Europe, eventually making their way to the west. 

Mosaic tiles traditionally feature repeating patterns and colors that can tie into a larger design scheme. The great thing about mosaic tiles is that you have the option to replicate a traditional pattern and add your own personal touch of color or sizes. Mosaic tiles are rated for walls and backsplashes and generally should not be used on floors. However, you can augment your flooring to match your backsplash and walls with other types of tiles from Carpet & Tile Mart.

Types of Mosaic Tiles

Like mentioned above, the types of mosaic tiles are extensive. Achieving exactly the look you're going for, in the colors you need, is completely possible. Here are the main types of mosaic tiles you can choose from.


The natural stone look, like marble, is the traditional choice for mosaic tiles and for good reason. Using marble mosaic tiles creates a modern feel while adding a natural grounding you may not get with other materials. For example, this Urban Loft Interlocking stone metal glass blend mosaic combines the beauty of natural stone with the sleek, modern look and feel of glass. Whether you're looking for a custom kitchen backsplash or a statement piece in your bathroom, this mosaic tile delivers!


The ultimate in versatility and color, glass tiles are one of the most popular mosaic tile choices. Ancient Romans discovered the beauty of glass; these days glass can be opaque, translucent, or even mirrored. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, glass mosaic tiles are both plentiful and affordable. This Urban White Glass Mosaic Tile combines a clean marble look with the durability of glass. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, this tile will look great for years to come.

Ceramic and Porcelain

Ultra-durable and resistant to weather, ceramic and porcelain mosaic tiles are the perfect addition to any bathroom. This colorful Azul Ceramic Mosaic provides a splash of color to an otherwise neutral area. This scallop ceramic mosaic tile is ideal for a kitchen backsplash or shower surround. These tiles are Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified® and come mounted on mesh-backed sheets for simple installation. 


With the ability to give your area a more modern and sleek feel, metal mosaic tiles offer an elegant and reflective look you can't get anywhere else. Moisture and stain-resistant metal mosaic tiles are also considered one of the more low-maintenance tile options. This Safari Leopard Stone-Metal-Glass Mosaic tile has a fun and vibrant look. Available in 12x12 inch sheets, this tile combines Quartzstone, Porcelain, Marble, Glass, and Aluminium and looks great in any kitchen or bathroom area as an innovative statement piece.

Shapes of Mosaic Tiles

Changing up the shapes of your mosaic tiles can add personality and texture to your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor spaces. There is a fine line between casual elegance and busy chaos. Let's talk about mosaic tile shapes and how to use them.

Small Squares

Small square mosaic tiles are great for areas with limited space or small rooms. You have the ability to see the pattern and color of the mosaic design even in the smallest of spaces. This mini brick American Apple Pie Mosaic tile combines the versatility and beauty of small squares with the durability of glass tiles.

Refraction or Craftsman Squares

These tiles are made of smaller squares and larger rectangles to give you the ideal pattern. Available in various materials, this mosaic type can combine glass, ceramic, and natural stone for the ultimate pattern. This Textile Blue Mosaic Tile combines shapes and colors to bring a tranquil, peaceful feeling to any room. Sold by the sheet.


Bringing a soft, feminine feel to your room, flower tiles reflect the light and accent your powder room or kitchen backsplash perfectly. This Tranquil Flower Roman Bloom Mosaic Tile is a great example of combining rectangular shapes with abstract circles to create an antique flower tile popular for thousands of years. Made of smooth glass, this flower tile, you'll enjoy this tile for years to come.

Abstract Shapes

Abstract shapes are becoming ever more popular, especially when adding splashes of color to your room or to combat a feeling of monotony. The leaf-like shape of this Colonial New Chesapeake Mosaic Tile combines a modern hexagonal shape with neutral colors to give you a uniquely picturesque look. Or check out this Waterfall White Rose Mosaic that brings the natural calm of water combined with a smooth glass look to give your bathroom a meditative and serene feel.


While oval tiles may seem traditional, they don't have to be. Oval can be used in trendy ways and in various colors to add a fresh look to your room. For example, take this oval Seagull Polar Grey Mosaic Tile. It utilizes an almost antique oval shape with popular grays, browns, and muted blues to give you a mesmerizing and charming look.


Traditional and uniform, circles can come in various shapes and sizes. Available in a variety of materials, circle mosaic tiles are a great option for your home. Check out the uniformity of this Polka Dot Seashore Waves Mosaic Tile. Or if you're going for an asymmetrical and fun look, consider this Bubble Olivine Mosaic Tile that combines various colors and shapes to add variety and whimsy to your room.


This type of mosaic tile is made by using natural or synthetic pebbles and arranging them in an artistic and pictorial way. Easy to clean and install, pebble mosaic tiles usually have a non-slip surface and an attractive finish. This Holy Trail Mount Zion Mosaic Tile gives the illusion of natural rock with the longevity and versatility of glass. 

PCA629 Picassa Paloma Taupe Mosaic Tile

UJ664 Urban Jungle Old Python Mosaic Tile

WM772 Westminster Blue Jubilee Mosaic Tile

Where to Use Mosaic Tiles?

  • Kitchen Backsplash: Mosaic tiles are ideal for a pop of color or pattern in your otherwise drab kitchen area. Visually appealing and versatile, mosaic tiles are relatively low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Bathroom Surround: Many mosaic tiles are made of non-porous glass ensuring they are water and stain resistant, making them ideal for an accent around your shower or behind your bathroom sink. 
  • Fireplace Surround: While you may not have considered mosaic tiles for your fireplace accent, this is becoming an ever-popular use. Glass tiles are highly durable and easy to clean, making them perfect for a dirty fireplace area.
  • Accent Walls: Mosaic tiles can be used on walls above or below countertops, adding a pop of color to a drab wall. Be creative and think outside the box. Mosaic tiles are versatile and colorful.
  • Outdoor Spaces: Many types of mosaic tiles are rated for outdoor and indoor use. This makes decorating your outdoor space simple and beautiful. Tie in your new patio furniture or make your pool area exciting; the options are endless.
  • Framing: Tie your picture frames into your room with colorful or patterned mosaic tiles around your favorite photo. 
  • Flooring: Mosaic tiles can add elegance and opulence to your home. Albeit a high-end option, you can add your initials into your entryway or add mosaic tiles around your living room to add a warm, textured feel. Just remember to add a non-slip finish to your tiles to avoid accidents.
  • Advantages of Using Mosaic Tiles

    At this point, you may be asking yourself why mosaic tiles and not wall paper or even a new paint color? There are many advantages to choosing mosaic tiles.

    High Visual Appeal

    Glass mosaic tiles usually have a high-gloss, lustrous finish making them look appealing and high-end. Combined with innovative lighting, colors, and textures and the effect is mesmerizing.

    Unlimited Options

    With unlimited colors, dozens of designs and finishes, the options for your mosaic tile project are endless. Metallic backing can give you a shiny, luminous feel while natural stone offers a more solid, marbled look. 

    Design Flexibility

    As we said above, mosaic tiles can be used as the focal point of your design or to complement your existing decor. It offers the flexibility and beauty you want in your next project, whether inside or out.

    Easy Maintenance

    Since glass is inherently non-porous, mosaic tiles are stain and water-resistant, making clean up simple. Stone tiles are sealed with the finish of your choice depending on their application. Mosaic tiles are also durable, lasting well into the future.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Glass tiles are more environmentally friendly than other tile materials and can even be made of recycled materials. Ask us about those options.

    Because mosaic tiles come in various materials, colors, and finishes, they make a great addition to any room.

    Installing Mosaic Tiles

    The difficulty involved in installing mosaic tiles depends largely on the scale of your project. If you're doing a simple kitchen backsplash, you will have an easier time than installing them on a full wall. That being said, if any of this seems to be above your difficulty level, we recommend hiring a professional

    Let's go over how to install glass mosaic tiles:

    1. After you've chosen your desired tile, measure the area you plan to cover. Our quantity calculator can be found on the product page below the description to calculate your needs, or schedule an in-home measurement here.
    2. If you're installing a backsplash, measure a centerline from the bottom of the cabinets to the top of the counter. This will help you to install your tiles symmetrically. 
    3. You can either use a thin-set mortar or magic adhesive to glue the tiles in place. Make sure the wall is clean and free of grease before you begin. Mortar will allow you more time to place tiles whereas magic adhesive dries much faster requiring you to lay your tile more quickly. Only apply enough adhesive for 2-3 tile lengths at a time, or you'll waste valuable time and supplies.
    4. Use a wood block to press firmly against the tiles to ensure a tight bond.

    Mosaic tiles can uniquely transform your boring bathroom or kitchen into a cohesive and well-designed room. Whether you want a backsplash that sets off your beautiful, newly painted cabinets or an ocean blue mosaic tile accent around your tub to give your bathroom a Caribbean feel, it is all within your grasp.

    Carpet & Tile Mart: For Your Next Mosaic Tile Project!

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