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Caring For Your Carpet With Pets

16th Jun 2023

Pets are a part of the family, however, they can potentially cause a lot of damage to carpeting. Muddy paws, accidents, and pet hair are just a few of the issues homeowners are concerned about with a new carpet and pets. If you're set on installing carpeting in your home, there are a few guidelines to ensure that your carpeting remains in top condition so that your whole family (including the furry members) can enjoy its comfort. How do you keep your carpeting looking great with pets around? From choosing a carpet that accommodates pets to being prepared on installation day, there are a few ways to prevent issues. Additionally, there are ways to protect and keep up with the maintenance of your carpets to prolong their lifespan. We'll go over some of the best carpets that work with pets in the household. We'll also explain how to care for your carpeting with pets around, starting with the installation process.