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DIY Carpet Installation Versus Professional Installation

16th Jun 2023

There are many factors to consider before undergoing a DIY carpet install. It's usually a wiser choice to bring your carpet installation needs to a professional. However, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The primary concerns when choosing either option are cost, workload, access to necessary tools and equipment, and how much time you can invest in the project. Before handing your money over to an expert, you can make things easier on yourself by first understanding the advantages and disadvantages of a DIY carpet install. The overall cost of a carpet installation decreases dramatically when you opt for a DIY carpet install. You instantly save on labor costs and the removal of your old carpet, leaving only the cost of the new carpet and the purchase or renting of required tools for the installation. The time investment is also entirely in your hands, as you no longer have to wait for an available installation window. You won't have to worry about a company doing a subpar job on your flooring, as the quality of installation is completely dependent on you and how well you perform. With advantages, there must be disadvantages, and a DIY carpet install has its share. One thing to consider is your carpet's warranty. If you're in the middle of an installation but need help to finish, or it becomes too difficult to DIY, then the contract may not be honored. The costs of any poor job you've done will not be salvageable. The equipment, whether rented or owned, can be challenging to use. Problems can surface if it's the first time you've attempted a DIY project of this caliber. It's a significant undertaking and will require a lot of work and perseverance on your end.