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Exotic Hardwood & Bamboo Flooring

16th Jun 2023

Carpet & Tile Mart carries your traditional species of wood flooring, such as oak and hickory. We also have exotic wood species available, as well as bamboo. Wood species such as Tigerwood, Brazilian Cherry, Acacia, Brazilian Oak, and Peruvian Teak offer many benefits, ranging from unique colors and grains to a contemporary look. Let's take a look at why exotic hardwood flooring might be a good choice for your home. Exotic hardwood flooring generally has the following characteristics when compared to their domestic counterparts: A more interesting grain. Some varieties will have natural knots and imperfections in the grain that add to their luster and brilliance. Most exotic hardwood floor varieties are hard on the Janka scale, making them a perfect fit for homes with a lot of foot traffic. Exotic hardwood is only slightly more expensive than traditional wood species.