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How Long Does It Take To Install New Flooring

16th Jun 2023

If you're considering installing new flooring in your home, you're probably wondering how long the process will take to complete. Since the installation processes for various types of flooring are different, the timeline for each kind of flooring varies. If you want a short installation process so you can enjoy your new flooring in your home, you may want to consider opting for floors that can be quickly and easily installed. However, if you care more about value and longevity, then a more complicated installation process may be worth the effort. Deciding on the right flooring for your home can be challenging. There are a lot of great options available. However, understanding the length of installation and other factors might help you come to the right decision more quickly. We'll answer common questions, like "How long does carpet take to install?" and "How long is the flooring install job for hardwood and vinyl flooring?" We'll also go over in-depth the different installation processes of the most common types of flooring–carpet, tile, hardwood, and vinyl/laminate flooring.