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How To Match A Rug With Hardwood Flooring

16th Jun 2023

There's no denying that high-quality hardwood is a sophisticated and durable flooring choice. From traditional domestic hardwood species, like Cherry or Oak, to beautiful exotic wood species, like Tigerwood, there are plenty of hardwood choices to fit your home's aesthetics. Hardwood floors are an elegant flooring choice. However, adding a rug to your space has a lot of benefits that could improve the design of the space, increase comfort levels, and protect your expensive hardwood floors from furniture scrapes and foot traffic. But, how do you find a rug that doesn't clash with your hardwood floors? Finding the right rug can be challenging, especially when you love the look of your hardwood floors. We'll go over how to choose a rug that matches your hardwood flooring's aesthetic, so you can enjoy and protect your floors without sacrificing style.