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What Are Carpet Runners For Stairs?

12th Jun 2023

What Are Carpet Runners For Stairs?
Stair runners are manufactured pieces that only cover part of the width of your stairs. People will usually install a stair runner over hardwood or tiled stairs for added traction and comfort. Carpet stair runners are available in various colors and patterns, as well as different lengths and widths. There are several reasons for adding a runner to a staircase. Safety is one of the most typical and apparent reasons to add stair runners. Wood or tiled stairs can be pretty slippery for children, pets, or people with mobility issues, making it quite dangerous. You can minimize the chance for slippage by adding carpet stair runners to your staircase. Stair runners can reduce the potential danger by providing a safer walking surface. But they can also add comfort underfoot when stepping on wood or tile. Runners will also absorb noise, reducing or removing squeaks and creaks, allowing for quieter trips up and down the stairs. Carpet runners can also add a bit of aesthetic flair to a staircase. They can create a beautiful focal point with the proper carpet selection. You'll have two options from which to choose: pre-made or custom. Pre-made styles tend to come with varying patterns while custom carpet runners are made from specialty material or broadloom. See our full guide on stair and hallway runners HERE