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Measure Stair Runners

Tips For Measuring Your Staircase For Custom Cut Stair Runners

  • Use a flexible tape measure
  • Pick a step and measure your first tread, placing the end of the tape measure against the riser on the step above it as your starting point
  • Wrap the measuring tape around the nose of the stair, holding it tight and then down the next riser (see image)
  • If you are padding the steps, add 1/2 inch per step
  • Once you have the measurement of the steps, from the full tread to the bottom of the riser, you can multiple the number by the number of steps that you have and that you are covering with a stair runner, you will have the length of the stair runner that you need – that’s it!
  • We recommend adding an extra foot to your order, better safe than sorry!
Helpful guide on how-to measure your staircase for stair runners.